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At the heart of the truly talent-powered organization is a distinctive capability that has become essential in delivering long-term sustainable competitive advantage. And in our company, the talent strategy will focus on the following three aspects in particular talent competency planning, talent sourcing and talent development talent 

For the competency planning.

we will try our best to understand talent needs in terms of both the general and the specific competencies—the critical set of skills, knowledge and behavior-which is crucial to execute work. High performance can be achieved and sustained by building the right set of competencies in the workforce and aligning and deploying these most effectively to particular job functions.

Talent sourcing.

Talent is the basis of a company's achivment and development. In order to bring in the most competitive talents, we should understand such things:
What talent pools are available to meet our needs, how those pools are changing and what new ones are emerging;
How those talent pools can best be accessed and our company has the ability to attract talent successfully based on such things as market image and brand, recruitment capacity and capability, and Internet presence;
What alternative sourcing options exist, including contract or contingent labor, co-sourcing and outsourcing;
What needs to change in the employee value proposition to attract more diverse talent—things such as employment terms, benefits, rewards and training programs; 

Talent Development.

It's clear that we must begin to focus more on the general readiness of the talent pool from which we
recruit their workforce. However, we must also improve our method of developing people after they are hired. The following are our trends to develop and retain people in a long term.

* Integrating learning with knowledge management.

* Using greater variety in learning delivery.

* Aligning learning with the business.

Partnering with government and educational institutions.

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